Memes and Ostriches


They can be a great source of entertainment. I have spent countless hours reading some pretty good ones that show up on my news feeds. Along with that “one friend” that seems to speak in memes. I mean, who could forget “Grumpy Cat”, “Dodge”, “Ermahgerd”, and the ever creepy “Overly Attached Girlfriend”? These side splitting images and phrases have brought endless joy and laughter to both hearts and minds.


Everything was grand and going great. I was having a good time when a certain meme came across my feed. As you would have guessed it related to personal finance.


Now before you say anything, I realize that memes are meant to be jokes and sure we all get a good chuckle out of them. But this particular meme got me to thinking on how many people that I run into that have the “if I don’t look at it, it can’t be true” mindset. I’ll let you in on a little secret. It’s quite a few. Too many if you ask me. In my mind this is what I would call an Ostrich Mentality.

What does he mean by “Ostrich Mentality”?

When you think of an ostrich what comes to mind? The largest bird? Flightless? Fast runner?

To me, I think of that old image of an ostrich sticking their head in the sand to get away from some predator that’s trying to get them. Contrary to popular belief, the ostrich does not stick their head in the sand. In fact, I learned that when they cannot run away from a predator they just flop on the ground and play dead.



Very anti-climatic.

But for this example we will just think about that big ole bird with their head in the ground. How many people do you know that don’t do a budget? That they don’t know where there money is going and wonder where it went? Ignoring the scary world around them and hoping for the best.

For the longest time, I WAS an ostrich. For me, this type of mentality really struck a chord, and up until now I didn’t have the medium to express how I felt. I felt it important enough that I am reaching out to those who would read this.

What separates humans from the ostrich (besides the feathers, of course) is that we have the ability to do things intentionally instead of just on instinct. We can be deliberate with our actions, and ever be proactive with what we set out to do! It is within our power to look at the money we are bringing in, make smart choices, and set ourselves up for future success! The cool thing is that we all have that ability. Sometimes we just have to find out how to use it.

Summary: Memes are fun. They can provide laughter and good times. However, they can send us down the wrong path depending on a person’s state of mind. There seem to be more people than ever that are scared that they won’t have enough money to live their lives. Instead of facing it, they ignore it like the ostrich does when danger is around. Be intentional and face the fear. Direct where your money is going using a Zero Balance Budget each month! Just remember: Don’t be an Ostrich!


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