Living Debt Free? Surely You Can’t Be Serious?!

I am serious!

And don’t call me Shirley.

Many of you have heard those two words put together: Debt Free.

It seems like a pipe dream that at some point in your life that you don’t owe anybody any money. No credit cards. No student loans. No car payments. Not even a house payment. But is it really attainable in this day and age? Well you are in luck, because the answer is a definite, “YES!” That’s the good news. The bad news is that it can be really hard to get there if you have racked up a good amount of debt. However, not all is lost, and as long as you are sucking air, there is time!

If you read the small section about myself you know that I once held a balance of $48,000 in a combination of credit cards, student loans, car loans, etc. There was even a cash advance in there. You could say that I am an expert on doing stupid things with money. But from those mistakes I learned. Now, I am completely debt free. I haven’t used a credit card in over 4 years, and stopped borrowing money all together. Recently, the top credit agencies let me know that I do not have enough information to compile a credit score! So it is basically at a big fat ZERO! Ziltch! Nada. But am I worried? HECK NO! I’m excited.

I’m excited because I have developed good money habits (budgeting, saving, giving, cash envelopes, etc) and know I will never go into debt again (only exception is a mortgage, but if I get one I’m definitely¬† putting 20% down)! Once I was out of debt a funny thing started to happen. The numbers in my bank account began to increase. I remember the day that I hit a 4-digit number for the first time in years. It was at that moment I realized that unless some unexpected expense came up, that I was actually able to keep most of the money I had made. Let me tell you, it felt amazing! In fact, I am never going back!

It is in no way easy to get out of debt. It’s like a leech that drains the lifeblood of your future. But once you are out and know where your money is going thanks to budgeting, then the hardest part is wondering what you are going to do with your hard earned cash. So I can attest to you, it is so very worth it. I feel secure for not only my own future, but for the future of my family! As I continue to post, I will share the tools, books, and mindsets that I have found work for me and hope that you will join me along this journey!

Until then, check out a Zero Balance Budget. You can find on Dave Ramsey’s website. This was the system that helped me get me to where I am today and would be a shame if I kept it all to myself.

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