So you’ve found your way to our website and you may have read an entry or two. But now you’re asking yourself, who exactly are Amber and Eric?

We are a soon to be wife and husband who are passionate about the subjects of Personal Finance and Homeschooling! She’s the teacher while I am the teacher. Sorry, just a little bit of humor there. As you will find out, Amber is the Home-school aficionado, while Eric handles the tough Financial questions. Both of us believe that knowledge is power and we are happy to share it with…well….YOU!

Join us as we find out what works and the epic fails that I am sure are to come. Neither of us are perfect (you can tell that Eric is writing this part), and that we are all learning along the way.  If you would like to know more about us as individuals there’s an app for that! Or perhaps you should just click the link under the “About Us” menu.

Disclaimer: Eric is not a certified financial professional. The information given is strictly for useful and educational purposes. In no way is it investment advice. If you are in need of this advice, we suggest hiring a professional to have those questions answered.